Ordering Citrus Budwood for Grafting Citrus Trees

ordering citrus budwood

The below video shows how to set up an account and place an order for citrus budwood from California’s Citrus Clonal Protection Program or CCPP. Citrus budwood is used for grafting citrus trees and budding citrus trees.

By law all new citrus varieties in California are introduced via the CCPP whether from outside the state or from within the state. CCPP scientists use proven techniques to eliminate all diseases from each citrus variety before release. The CCPP budwood program is available for citrus nurseries and hobbyists both inside and outside of California.

Resources Mentioned in Budwood Ordering Video

Around the world there are many budwood programs like CCPP. If you live outside of California, click here to learn about other programs.

You no longer need to email the CCPP to set up an account. You can now register for a budwood account via this web page.

CCPP web page
Current map of huanglongbing and Asian citrus psyllids in California

Free ebook with tips for successful citrus grafting

Articles on Citrus Varieties

Pummelos for California
USDA 15-150 Mandarin Orange
Carte Noir Clementine Mandarin Orange
Crescent Sweet Orange
Okitsu Wase Satsuma Mandarin Orange
Valentine Pummelo
Rojo Blanco and Rubidoux Pummelo Hybrids
Vaniglia Sanguigno Acidless Orange

Resources for Californians

Please visit CaliforniaCitrusThreat.org for more information on how to stop the spread of deadly citrus disease.

California Law Regarding Citrus Propagation

In California, the collection of any citrus propagative materials, including budwood and seeds, from non-registered sources is illegal. Any citrus trees grown or grafted in California must come from source trees registered with either:


This article was funded by a grant from California’s Citrus Research Board.

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