In my interview with UC Riverside entomologist Monique Rivera, we discussed the importance of controlling both Asian citrus psyllids and also Argentine ants in California in order to reduce the spread of the deadly huanglongbing disease. Below you will find links where you can purchase products mentioned in the video.

Please note that the links below are affiliate links, meaning that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase. Thank you!

Asian Citrus Psyllid Control


Systemic Soil Drench (approximately 3 months of control)

Insecticidal Soap (Organic, requires frequent spraying)

Insecticidal Oil (Organic, requires frequent spraying)

Garden sprayer for Soaps and Oils

Repellent/Physical Barrier

Surround Kaolin Clay (Organic)

Garden sprayer for Surround Kaolin Clay

Ant Control

Ant Bait

1 Quart Ant Bait.

Ant Bait Station.

Sticky Barrier

Tanglefoot Sticky Barrier.

Tape to wrap around tree before applying sticky barrier.

Latex gloves to keep sticky barrier off of hands.

Compostable wooden knives for use with sticky barrier.