14 Nasty Citrus Diseases that You MUST Avoid

Citrus diseases are a significant threat to our citrus trees in California and all citrus growing regions.

citrus diseases

I have made a video showing 14 of the nastiest ones and giving tips for avoiding them. Citrus tree diseases of great concern include Huanglongbing (HLB) or citrus greening, citrus tristeza virus, citrus stubborn disease, cachexia, exocortis, psorosis, citrus variegated chlorosis, citrus tatter leaf virus, leprosis, citrus leaf blotch virus, canker, sudden death, black spot, and chlorotic dwarf. The video also shows some of the insects and mites that spread diseases. These include Asian citrus psyllids, cotton aphids, brown citrus aphids, leafhopper insects, sharpshooter insects, and flat mites. The video includes citrus disease pictures and citrus pest pictures.

Below you will find the resources mentioned in the video.

Citrus Disease Resources

You can find University of California ANR farm advisers and specialists who can help with disease questions here.

This article shows how to order pathogen-free budwood from the CCPP. I have a series of articles that show how to successfully graft with CCPP budwood: Patch Budding Citrus, Cleft Grafting Citrus, Z-Grafting Citrus, T-Budding Citrus, and Chip Budding Citrus.

This article shows how to introduce new citrus varieties to California legally and without the threat of introducing diseases.

Current distribution of Huanglongbing and Asian citrus psyllids in California.

Slowing the Spread of Huanglongbing

In California, huanglongbing is a significant threat to citrus trees. I have made the below video playlist to share ideas for slowing the spread of huanglongbing and saving our citrus trees.


This article was funded by a grant from California’s Citrus Research Board.

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