You Can Carbonate Orange Juice!

pouring carbonated orange juice

I have been experimenting with carbonating citrus juice for a couple of years. I have carbonated orange juices, blood orange juices, mandarin orange juices, and a number of other citrus juices. This has presented some challenges due to the nature of the juice. To make a delicious carbonated orange juice, it takes a special type of carbonator and a bit of extra information. I have summarized what I have learned in the below YouTube video. You can find the carbonator that makes it possible to carbonate juices here.

Don’t Carbonate Citrus Juice Until You Watch This YouTube video

Ever since I was 8 years old I have fantasized about drinking an orange soda like the Orange Crush from the early 20th century when it came in brown bottles and actually contained oranges.

Orange Crush Brown Bottles
Orange Crush Brown Bottles

I have a vivid memory of asking my grandfather about a case of empty brown bottles that I discovered in his workshop. At that time orange soft drinks were no longer made of oranges and my grandfather told me how they used to be. Since then many new carbonated orange drinks have been introduced that do contain citrus juices, but I have not yet had any that I thought were very good. The addition of the orange juice in these modern fizzy drinks seems to be more of a marketing gimmick than a recreation of the drink that I had imagined. Now that I have succeeded in making delicious carbonated orange juices, I suspect that they are much better than even the Orange Crush in a brown bottle that I was never able to try.

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